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Crystals necklaces statement gemstone necklace is a great way to make a statement. This crystal jewelry has a lot to say - impressive, attractive and healing. Crystal necklaces come in all shapes, sizes, styles, meanings and healing properties. Necklaces are not just pretty things; they can also be useful tools for crystal healing. Watch the video to see live examples of how to layer crystal necklaces for manifesting goals, Law of Attraction intentions and chakra balancing. The Satin Crystals necklace collection has the perfect jewelry for you.

Watch the Crystal Necklace:

If you prefer a visual and voice that is more alive, check out our overview of crystal necklaces in our YouTube video. Stay till the end where we show you our gemstone jewelry display at Silk Gems studio! Watch all of our A to Z Satin Crystal Meanings videos while you're there as we answer your questions about the most common crystals. In addition, you can post your questions and stories directly in YouTube comments.

Can crystal necklaces benefit you?

Crystal necklaces are perfect for you if one or more of the following apply to you: You want to keep your law of attraction in the spotlight, work with your hands and rings and bracelets get in the way. You want to give a symbol of love and friendship. You want to show your confidence. You want a signature everyday necklace.

What do necklaces symbolize?

Jewelry represents your character and the things that are memorable to you. They used to represent social status and still do. For example, choosing to wear real rubies, diamonds and pearls will convey a different message about you than wearing necklaces made of plastic, glass or resin. There are also religious associations with necklaces. Necklaces are a gift of love and gratitude.

What are the meanings of healing necklaces?

When you choose crystal necklaces for healing, the properties of the stone surround your aura. They can be charged and programmed according to your intentions and you can wear them on your body all day long to keep your goals for their realization. Necklaces for the most common healing purposes can be found by clicking through to the next category.

Abundance Necklaces:

Wearing these healing crystal necklaces is a great way to bring abundance into your life. Whether you want to attract wealth, health or friendship, your Law of Attraction ritual could use a boost with these prosperous gemstones. Keep your manifesting goals in your aura throughout the day by wearing or layering them.

Calming Necklaces:

With calming necklaces, you can reduce your anxiety when the outside world is out of control. Your calming gemstones bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the room and reduce stress. A single strand of calming crystals can change your entire outlook on life.

Grounding Necklaces:

Ground yourself in the here and now with the Grounding Necklace if you often find yourself wallowing in the past or imagining the future. These necklaces will bring your aura into harmony with your body and allow you to appreciate what is happening right now. Your grounding crystals connect you to earth energy and allow you to live life to the fullest and without regrets.

Lucky Necklaces:

These necklaces will not only brighten your day but also make everyone you meet smile. The purpose of lucky necklaces is to restore the wonder and joy you lost along the way. Wear these lucky crystals if you've been feeling low lately and let your spirits soar.

Love Necklaces:

Love necklaces are the solution to your search for self love unconditional love or true love. The universe will know what you seek if you wear your intention around your neck. Open your heart chakra to the most remarkable and perfect feeling with the help of your Affection necklaces.

Meditation Necklaces:

There is definitely more to this world than just plain despondency. Shake up your angle of view with the Reflection accessory. With the sole purpose of raising your vibration, healing crystals can help you access your spiritual self as well as the higher realms.

Necklaces for New Beginnings:

When you reach a crossroads in your journey, you always stop. Change can be accompanied by both fear and excitement. With Fresh start Pieces, you can make progress without breaking a sweat. When starting a new job, a new relationship or a new chapter in your life, wear these gems.

Protection Necklaces:

Prevent negative spirits, psychic vampires and constant complainers from draining your energy. Keep negativity out of your personal space by wearing protective necklaces. These defensive gems will protect your positive thoughts and aura. Craft an entire shield of crystals necklaces to protect you.

What does the necklace represent in terms of a relationship?

Necklaces are a symbol of love and devotion when given in a relationship. When you want to remind your partner, friend or family member that you are always there for them, give them a necklace. To match your vibe, wear crystal necklaces that match.

What does the friendship necklace mean?

A friendship necklace can be given to a best friend or a group of friends and is very popular. With matching designs and styles, these necklaces demonstrate your togetherness to the world. Choose crystals that have special meaning for your friends. They can be worn to your events. When you are apart, you can keep the happy memories contained in your friendship necklace.

Sheila's personal experience with crystal necklaces:

I love wearing crystals as necklace jewelry. Rings and bracelets are more difficult for me to wear than necklaces because I write and pearl a lot. The best are long necklaces that I can just put on without having to fiddle with fastening. You can see a large collection of crystal necklaces on my wall rack. Depending on the day, temperament and the energy I'm looking for, I can slip into whatever calls to me. He is always at home with me! Making crystals necklaces friendship n is another thing I love to do. I have been making matching necklaces for friends and family for decades every time we have a special occasion. I'll come up with a custom design for everyone to wear for a birthday, anniversary, or international trip, depending on the theme and who's in the group.

Lisa's personal experience with crystal necklaces:

Luckily for me, Sheila makes a wide variety of necklaces, so I always have a variety of styles to choose from. When we had classes and shop, I wore different necklaces to match my mood and outfit. They were big, memorable pieces. I had fewer people to impress after our business went completely online. Of course, I still like to impress myself, but my styles have shrunk. I now wear crystal necklaces that radiate the energy that I need most or that calls out to me. During the year I worked on becoming more feminine, I wore a moonstone necklace almost every day.

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